MFI serves the food service and retail markets with award winning, custom designed and fabricated merchandising units. Our products are essentially mini stores or movable restaurants.  Our products perform as functional and enticing revenue generators that literally “Turn Space Into Profit”™.  We provide you with a Customer Intercept Point™ in which to market and sell your products or services.  We offer you a full service “one-stop-shopping” resource that will result in an efficient and successful project rollout.

MFI products include custom: carts, kiosks, retail merchandising units (RMU’s), wall shops, cash wraps, display fixtures, (point of sale and point of purchase), build-outs, retrofits, customer service centers, valet booths, in-line counter systems, merchandisers, and outdoor weatherproof units including pre-fabricated modular buildings.

Our market venues include: hospitals and health care facilities, educational institutions, business and industry, hotels/motels, the military, amusement parks and water parks, casinos, supermarkets, shopping malls and retail centers, convention centers, recreational and sports facilities, cruise ships, tourist attractions and parks, museums, zoos, convenience stores, financial institutions, airport and transportation facilities; virtually every place people gather.

Our customer partners include: the owners, developers, and managers of all our market venue locations, as well as: contract feeders, restaurant franchisers, concessionaires, major branded food and beverage manufacturing companies, leading edge retail businesses, goods and services manufacturers and distributors throughout the world.

Whether your products are retail goods and services or food and beverage services, common design considerations that we will address include: space allocation, mobility, durability, health codes, building and fire codes, security, lighting, product merchandising, utility accessibility, storage, climatic factors, flexibility/modularity of design, budget, and trade dress.

Both our retail and foodservice products can be designed to complement the unique architecture of the final location. Or, the units may be custom designed to exclusively market a specific product and maintain your brand integrity and consistency no matter where your product will be located.

“MFI is the extra hand, helping you maintain the integrity of your vision”.


  • Carts


    MFI food service carts and retail carts provide a quick, cost effective, and mobile solution to getting a product or service into the marketplace. Carts also provide retail property owners and managers with an innovative… Read more »

  • Kiosks


    MFI foodservice kiosks and retail kiosks provide a quick, cost effective alternative to leasing or building a retail store or restaurant. Kiosks are typically located in the common area of airports, retail centers, hospitals, museums,… Read more »

  • Retail Merchandising Units

    Retail Merchandising Units

    MFI custom designed Retail Merchandising Units or RMUs perform as a “customer intercept point™” in high traffic retail locations. RMUs serve as a “mini store” or satellite location and are typically located in the common… Read more »

  • Merchandisers


    MFI custom merchandisers and displays are designed to advertise, market, and sell your specific product or brand identity. Our custom designs present your branding or product in a very visually enticing style while hiding the… Read more »

  • Modular Buildings

    Modular Buildings

    MFI’s custom designed commercial modular buildings provide your business with an opportunity for fast, cost-effective expansion when compared to traditional site building construction alternatives. The controlled factory environment ensures a more efficient and higher quality… Read more »