Final Design

During the final design of a MFI cart, kiosk, RMU, merchandiser or prefab commercial building we create three-dimensional CAD drawings depicting your functional and aesthetic requirements. Value engineering and producibility issues are studied. Final measurements, colors, materials, equipment, and service requirements are called out. Depending on your requirements, our project engineers may complete site surveys.

During this phase, you will provide the quantity and installation schedule that will provide the basis of our quotation. A quotation letter with specifications, pricing, terms, schedules, shipping, and installation is prepared. We can work with a purchase order, or a formal contract and we can arrange leasing.

  • Final materials and colors
  • 3-D drawings, models, elevations
  • Structural and mechanical calculations
  • Service and equipment specifications
  • State Certifications and wet sealed drawing
  • Value engineering and producibility issues
  • Site surveys and construction plans
  • Signage, menus, lighting
  • Code submittals
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Installation and setup
  • Service and training
  • Lease vs. buy
  • Quantity, schedule
  • Pricing and terms