Project Category: Franchised and Branded Food Service and Retail

Retail Sales Kiosk

Wireless or cell phone sales kiosk shown at a retail shopping mall is custom built to your specifications including dimensions and all colors and finishes. Kiosk features: locking and lighted showcases, cash wrap area, signage… Read more »

Cinnabon Airport Food Service Kiosk

Custom airport food service kiosk for Cinnabon features signage, food preparation area, menus and food display. Kiosks are factory built and installed over night. All dimensions and finishes are subject to your requirements.

T-Mobile Manufactured Commercial Building

Manufactured commercial 12×22 modular building for wireless sales is transported to the site and lifted onto a poured foundation. It features welded steel frame members, HVAC, carpet, custom retail fixtures, glass/glazing, EPDM roof, all electrical,… Read more »